New Course: April 4 - 25 

We're excited to announce our April Introduction to Mindfulness course. We will explore mindfulness from three key perspectives: (1) its Buddhist ethical and philosophical roots, (2) the development of a Western, scientific, secularized practice, and (3) our own personal experience with a variety of well-known practices.

While 4 weeks is often too little to gain lasting effects, certain aspects such as developing control over one's stress levels can come about in this time. The courses are intended to give a taste of the practice along with a variety of types of meditation/mindfulness that can be further explored and integrated into your life. You will also experience the changes that begin with the development of a regular meditation practice.

Our Merlin/Mindful Montana courses are held in this beautiful space at Reeder's Alley.  Chairs are also always available.

Our Merlin/Mindful Montana courses are held in this beautiful space at Reeder's Alley. Chairs are also always available.

Merlin CCC: 4-Week Intensive Course

Tuesdays: 7-9p.

We will spend four weeks learning about, discussing, and practicing mindfulness. We will discuss the meaning of 'mindfulness' as it has come into our culture and the scientific developments studying it, from the inception of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to the current day. We also delve into what it means to practice mindfulness in our daily lives in terms of our relationships with others and ourselves, our sense of community and support, and beyond. Our practice with 'formal' meditations will lengthen through the course, and 'homework' will be assigned to allow participants to explore the practice and their experience from different angles. Registration is through Merlin CCC; link below will redirect you to the page there.

In this course we will follow a structured program, developing mindfulness practices as we deepen our understanding of ourselves and the world.

Tea will be provided.

Registration: $79


To register/pay by check or cash or for any other registration questions, Email:

Plus, two free offerings:

First, we will be co-facilitating lessons on philosophical discussion and mindfulness meditation at Touchmark (also with Marisa from Merlin CCC) on Wednesdays starting March 29 and running through May 17. See the Merlin CCC site for more details. (The below poster was for our introductory sessions - the dates have changed by the time on Wednesdays has stayed the same.)


And, Dr. Justin Whitaker will be leading lessons on the history and practice of Buddhism, with guided meditations at 200 E. Broadway on Wednesday nights from 7 - 8:30pm starting April 5. See the poster below for details: