A Guided Meditation for Fear

Fear can grip us tight and stop us in our tracks. As humans, we evolved with fear as a healthy and necessary aspect of our emotional inventory. Those humans who didn't fear saber-toothed tigers and rattle snakes didn't survive to pass on their genes. However, by necessity, the humans who did survive lived mostly "in the moment" - resting, searching for food or shelter, preparing it, working, and resting again. 

Today we have the amazing, but often unfortunate, luxury of not living in the moment. That means we can relax a little. Or it might mean that we take that time to replay negative events from our past, or ruminate about possible problems in the future. Again, some of this is great (and certainly if you stumble upon a rattle snake, fear is a great response!), but it can get out of hand and we can find ourselves locked in fear despite being in a perfectly safe, comfortable place and situation.

Below is a short guided meditation for dealing with fear. It can be used for dealing with pain or anxiety as well. The goal of the meditation is simply to move out of the "head" and into the body, where breathing sensations arise and fall away in each present moment. 

And here is an edited copy of that audio with my voice amplified just a bit: