Grief, Loss & Heartbreak Workshop June 16

5:30 - 9pm at the Reeder's Alley Interpretive & Convention Center.

I'm very grateful to be taking part in a second workshop on this topic with Troy and Marisa. This is a short period of time, but it gets very deep very quickly. Come with a heavy heart and leave with an open heart. This is not an empty promise, nor is it as radical a transformation as it might seem. 

It is just a matter of orientation; seeing that the heart was open all along. 

From the website:

Grief can manifest for a number of reasons — the death of a loved one, loss of a job, a change in status, issues related to personal health and the environment, and more. It can also include numerous emotional components — sadness, loss, angst, frustration, anger, and despair. How do we deal with these feelings? What sorts of things can we do to stay afloat and/or dive in?

$60 per person

Hot tea, meditation cushions, and chairs provided.  

A unique evening workshop for individuals struggling with grief, loss & heartbreak incorporating elements of philosophy, psychology, mindfulness meditation, reflection, sharing, and simple & effective tools to help navigate grief.  Workshop facilitators include Troy DaRonco, Justin Whitaker, Ph.D., and Marisa Diaz-Waian, M.A.  For more information please contact Marisa at or #406-439-5788.

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