Mindfulness Retreat: Journey into Silence

Join us for this opportunity to do the work of journeying within. I will be leading a silent retreat at a beautiful center on Flathead Lake in N.W. Montana. 

The retreat will be from Friday, October 6 at 5pm (silence beginning at 7pm) until Sunday, October 8 at 1pm (with silence ending at noon). Long-time meditators will see this as a very short retreat, less than two full days, but it will feel incredibly long for those who have never experienced this sort of period of silence and meditation. 

I've written some thoughts out (and borrowed liberally from some excellent writers) that you can read here: Silent Meditation Retreat: What to Expect. It will be updated, and those who sign up for the retreat will get more information and the opportunity to speak with me about any questions or concerns. 

Like meditation itself, it is a wonderful opportunity to get to better know your mind and to bring some semblance of order and calm into your world. But it helps to have a group of committed fellow meditators/retreatants with you along with a guide - someone who has done many retreats like this in the past and has guided new meditators into and through their practice. 

More information and registration can be found at Merlin CCC