Creating a welcoming space for mindfulness. Accessible to the modern student, and tailored to the needs of every individual. Bringing lasting peace and harmony for individuals and our communities.


Guided by the three pillars of mindfulness practice, scientific insights, and Buddhist philosophical and ethical inquiry, Sila Mindfulness will offer courses, workshops, and presentations to inspire, educate, and guide participants in the direction of greater wisdom and compassion. We do so by combining 2500 years of Buddhist thought, the latest developments from Western innovators, and our own real-life experience. 

Grounded in the Buddhist tradition, Sila Mindfulness embraces wisdom across traditions and cultures, striving always for practicality, accuracy, and respect for others. We are conscious of our White Privilege in borrowing from Asian traditions as well as our footprint on Native American lands. As such, we aim to raise awareness in ourselves and in others about topics such as privilege and cultural appropriation.


Our philosophy is grounded foremost in an ethics of loving-kindness and justice. Loving-kindness can begin on the meditation cushion but it must move into life to have deep and lasting effects. Justice is the virtue of lawfulness and fairness; it requires living with both recognition of one's privilege(s) and seeking harmony in society. Our hope is to contribute to thriving communities through our work with diverse